Save $2000 on Annual Tuition When You Enroll by June 30, 2021

Cyber Tech High School is open for enrollment for 9th & 10th grades only for the 2021-22 school year.

Save $2000 on Annual Tuition When You Enroll by June 30, 2021

Cyber Tech High School is open for enrollment for 9th & 10th grades only for the 2021-22 school year.

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Student Life

A Culture that Unlocks Each Student’s Potential

Students are warmly welcomed into an engaging community full of collaborative activities with peer-to-peer mentors and teacher-student mentors. Our innovative high school experience brings the wonders of technical knowledge and self-expression in one place. Students are encouraged to expand the possibilities and envision what could be, to make their ideas a reality. They will also gain real world experience through our internship and apprenticeship programs.

Believing in the transformative power of virtual learning, we offer endless opportunities to develop the key skills to build a strong technical portfolio of innovative projects before they ever graduate. With our student-centered philosophy, we afford high schoolers a variety of options to explore tech across the curriculum, including general education.

Through friendly tech competitions, high schoolers are exposed to new concepts and harness valuable life skills to ensure career and life readiness. Students are encouraged to start their own clubs based on their interests and interact with leaders in the technology space through virtual field trips.

We invented a world where students can thrive and enjoy interacting with their school community of like-minded peers who are all passionately pursuing their interests. We also encourage our students by showing them the importance of creating a bridge with our local communities, providing outlets for community service and giving back.

At Cyber Tech High, our student culture is designed to develop tomorrow’s leaders and innovators, encouraging them to try new things, put themselves out there, and grow in unexpected ways within a caring community.


Student Life

Interested in Exploring the Possibilities?

Attend our virtual tour to discover the exciting technical topics and skills or students explore.

Supporting Students as They Redefine the Impossible

Cyber Tech High arms students with the technologies and tools needed to thrive academically and emotionally in a positive space where high schoolers are given self-autonomy to explore new ideas.

We offer students dedicated attention to ensure full concept mastery, including Virtual Flex Rooms where we provide free, on-demand tutoring to meet students at their level – making what was once impossible now possible. Our supportive Success Coordinators collaborate with students and their families from admission to graduation, guiding them through academic and personal challenges, providing mental health support, giving students the tools to gain valuable life skills, and grow into confident young adults.

Dedicated to shaping this next generation, we intentionally create a community rooted in love, where we put students first, cultivate excellence, and instill character to shape ethical innovators of tomorrow.

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